Pitster Pro 140




The Pitster Pro FSE 140 is a high-performance dirt bike that is loved by riders and enthusiasts.The bike has a powerful engine, modern suspension, and high-quality equipment, making it an ideal choice for the outdoor adventurer.

In this article, we will take a look at the Pitster Pro 140 specifications, features, pricing, and availability.


The Pitster Pro FSE 140 features some amazing specifications that set it apart from other dirt bikes on the market. Let’s take a deeper look at its engine, suspension, brakes, wheels, tyres, dimensions, and weight.

  1. Engine and Transmission: The Pistor Pro FSE 140 is powered by a 140cc 4-stroke engine that produces over 11 horsepower.
  2. Suspension and Brakes: This bike has high-performance front and rear suspension systems including inverted lead with adjustable rebound damping and piggyback reservoir shock and adjustable compression and rebound damping Front and rear brakes are hydraulic disc brakes ideal Will provide suspended power.
  3. Wheels and tires: The Pitster Pro FSE 140 features lightweight aluminum rims and high off-road traction tires. The front tire size is 2.75-21 and the rear tire size is 4.10-18.
  4. Dimensions and Weight: The bike has a seat height of 34 inches and a floor height of 12 inches. The overall length is 79 inches and the width is 32 inches. The bike has a dry weight of 198 pounds.


The Pitster Pro FSE 140 features many new technologies that improve performance, safety, and maintenance. Let’s take a closer look at its design and construction, operation, safety, and maintenance characteristics.

  1. Design and styling: The bike features solid steel and is polished and aggressive. It has a comfortable seat and high armrests for excellent grip. The bike also comes with lightweight plastic bodywork that is durable and easy to use.
  2. Performance: The Pister Pro 140 offers exceptional performance on rough roads or off-road terrain. Its powerful engine and advanced suspension system make for a smooth and comfortable ride. The bike also features an efficient exhaust system that enhances its power and sound.
  3. Safety: Bikes have many safety features that make them safe and reliable. It features hydraulic disc brakes for excellent stopping power, as well as front and rear LED lights for better visibility in low-light situations and a bike kill switch that shuts off the engine in an emergency.
  4. Maintenance: The Pitster Pro 140 is easy to maintain and requires little maintenance. It has an air filter with washable foam that is easy to clean and maintain. The bike also features a maintenance-free battery that eliminates the need for regular battery maintenance.

Price and Availability

With a starting price of around $3,999, the Pister Pro FSE 140 is well-priced in its class. It can also be purchased through authorized Pitster Pro dealers and online merchants. Shipping and delivery rates vary depending on the seller and location.


Ultimately, the Pister Pro 140 is an outstanding dirt bike with incredible performance and innovative features.

Its powerful engine, modern suspension, and high-end construction make it an ideal choice for road enthusiasts. Its affordability and availability through authorized dealers and online retailers makes it a viable option for anyone in the market for a high-performance dirt bike.

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