PITSTER PRO FSE 60: The Ultimate Off-Road Beast

You know that feeling when you see a gnarly trail stretching out before you, all rocks and ruts just begging for your tires to conquer them? Well, get ready to satisfy that craving with the new PITSTER PRO FSE 60. This rugged, off-road beast packs some serious power to help you own those trails. In this article, we’ll dive into everything you need to know about this machine. What kind of engine does it have? How much ground clearance? What accessories can you add? We’ve got all the nitty gritty details for you laid out in an easy-to-read specs table. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a backcountry expert, the PITSTER PRO FSE 60 is built to satisfy your inner thrill seeker. Keep reading to learn if this trail-taming machine is the one for you.

Introducing the PITSTER PRO FSE 60


The PITSTER PRO FSE 60 is the ultimate off-road beast for beginner riders looking to advance their dirt biking skills. With a low 21.5” seat height, the PITSTER PRO FSE 60 allows you to focus on perfecting your technique without struggling to touch the ground.

Power and Performance

The PITSTER PRO FSE 60 features a 59.8cc 2-stroke, air-cooled engine that delivers smooth power across the rev range. The automatic clutch means you can concentrate on the trail rather than worrying about changing gears. Weighing in at just 98 lbs, this lightweight bike is easy to handle on tight, technical trails.

High-Quality Components

You’ll find quality components like hydraulic disk brakes, an aluminum swingarm, and adjustable front and rear suspension on the PITSTER PRO FSE 60. These features provide responsive braking, stability, and a plush ride over rough terrain. The knobby tires also give you plenty of grip on dirt and mud.

Who Should Buy?

The PITSTER PRO FSE 60 is ideal for teen and adult beginners, especially those under 5’ 6” tall. More experienced riders will also appreciate the PITSTER PRO FSE 60 as a pit bike for tight areas or a bike to loan to friends who are just learning. At just under $1,500, the PITSTER PRO FSE 60 offers excellent value without compromising on quality.

If you’re ready to take your off-road skills to the next level, the PITSTER PRO FSE 60 is the perfect riding companion to help you along the journey. This lightweight, beginner-friendly bike has all the features you need to gain confidence on the trails. The PITSTER PRO FSE 60 – your ticket to dirt biking freedom. Also Read: Pit Bike vs Dirt Bike: How to Choose the Right One for You

Key Specifications of the PITSTER PRO FSE 60


Power and Performance

With a powerful 125cc 4-stroke engine, the PITSTER PRO FSE 60 packs some serious power for tackling off-road trails. It produces 9.5 horsepower and 6500 RPM, allowing it to reach a top speed of 50 mph. The 5-speed manual transmission gives you full control over the power band so you can handle any terrain.

Suspension and Braking

The front suspension features an inverted fork with 147mm of travel to absorb impacts, while the rear mono-shock swing arm offers 150mm of travel. Disk brakes on both wheels, measuring 210mm in front and 190mm in back, provide strong stopping power when you need to slow down quickly.

Dimensions and Capabilities

Weighing in at only 225 pounds, the PITSTER PRO FSE 60 is lightweight but durable. It has a seat height of 35 inches, so riders of varying heights can handle it with confidence. With 8.3 inches of ground clearance and the ability to climb inclines of up to 12 degrees, very little stands in this machine’s way. Whether fording creeks, climbing over boulders or cruising dirt roads, the PITSTER PRO FSE 60 is built to handle it all.

Who Should Buy It?

If you’re an avid off-road rider looking for a capable and affordable dual-sport, the PITSTER PRO FSE 60 is ideal. It’s easy to handle but powerful enough to keep up with larger machines, and it’s road-legal so you can connect trails on pavement. At just over $5,000, this beast offers a lot of bang for your buck. Thrill-seeking riders of all skill levels will enjoy everything the PITSTER PRO FSE 60 has to offer.

Standout Features of the PITSTER PRO FSE 60


Smooth Four-Stroke Power

The PITSTER PRO FSE 60 is powered by a dependable 59.8cc four-stroke engine. This single-cylinder thumper provides smooth, linear power perfect for building young riders’ confidence. With just over 4 horsepower, it has enough pep to be fun but not intimidating. The four-stroke design means it’s also environmentally friendly and requires less maintenance than a two-stroke.

Low Seat Height

The FSE 60 has one of the lowest seat heights in the mini dirt bike class at just 21.5 inches. This makes it easy for small or inexperienced riders to reach the ground with both feet, providing stability and control. The low center of gravity gives a secure, planted feel that boosts confidence for beginners.

Push-Button Electric Start

No more pulling cords to start this machine. The FSE 60 features an electric starter button for easy starting at the push of a button. Just turn the key, hit the button, and you’re off. This simple convenience is perfect for younger riders still learning the basics. The electric start, combined with the automatic clutch, makes this mini dirt bike very beginner-friendly.

Durable Components

While sized for smaller riders, the FSE 60 is built with high-quality parts to handle the demands of off-road riding. It has durable steel wheels, a reinforced steel frame, and long-travel suspension. The knobby tires provide good traction on dirt, grass, and gravel. An automatic centrifugal clutch keeps things simple, gradually engaging as engine rpm increases. High-quality components mean greater reliability and a longer service life.

The PITSTER PRO FSE 60 combines user-friendly features like a low seat, push-button start and automatic clutch with a smooth four-stroke engine and solid construction. This winning combination makes it an ideal first dirt bike for young or small riders ready to start their off-road adventures. Its confidence-inspiring design and performance provide an easy introduction to powersports that will have new riders hooked in no time. Also Read: Tips for Affording Your Dream Pitster Pro Bike on a Budget

Who Is the PITSTER PRO FSE 60 For?


Off-Road Adventurers

The PITSTER PRO FSE 60 is perfect for thrill-seeking riders looking to conquer rugged terrain. With its powerful 60cc 4-stroke engine, full suspension, and knobby tires, this mini dirt bike handles jumps, hills, and trails with ease. The 21.5-inch seat height and automatic transmission make it easy to ride even for beginners. However, its robust build and high top speed of up to 30 mph mean this is not a toy and riders should always wear proper safety gear.

Transitioning to Manual Transmission

For new riders transitioning from balance bikes to pedal bikes with training wheels, the PITSTER PRO FSE 60 provides an ideal next step. Its automatic transmission allows kids to focus on developing riding technique and skills before advancing to a manual transmission. The low seat height gives riders confidence as they learn to balance, steer and control the throttle. With some practice in an open area while supervised, young riders will get the hang of it in no time.

Supervising New Riders

While the PITSTER PRO FSE 60 can be suitable for children as young as 2 to 5 years old, close adult supervision is required at all times especially when first learning to ride. An experienced rider should guide new riders through the basics to ensure safety and build confidence. Kids will need help adjusting the seat to the proper height, learning how the throttle and brakes work, and understanding how to properly balance, turn and stop the vehicle. Proper safety gear like a DOT approved helmet, elbow and knee pads, sturdy shoes, gloves, and protective eyewear should always be worn.

In summary, the PITSTER PRO FSE 60 is an extremely versatile off-road vehicle suitable for a wide range of riders, especially those looking to advance their skills or experience the thrill of dirt biking for the first time. However, its power and size mean all new riders require close guidance to ensure a safe, positive experience. With the right supervision and safety precautions, this beast of a mini bike can provide hours of off-road enjoyment for kids and adults alike. Also Read: Pitster Pro TSE 50: Specs, Price, and Ownership Review

PITSTER PRO FSE 60 Price and Availability


The PITSTER PRO FSE 60 is priced competitively for its class at an MSRP of $1,099.99. However, many dealers offer it at a discounted price of around $1,299 if you’re able to find one in stock. This quad is in high demand, so you may need to shop around or consider pre-ordering to get the best deal.

Where Can I Buy It?

The PITSTER PRO FSE 60 is available through powersports dealers across the U.S. and Canada. Some of the major retailers that carry Pitster Pro ATVs include:

  • PowersportsMax – They frequently run sales and promotions on Pitster Pro models. You may be able to find the FSE 60 for under $1,200 here.
  • Extreme Motor Sales – They are a major Pitster Pro dealer and usually have good availability of the FSE 60. They also regularly discount 10-15% off MSRP.
  • Motoworld of El Cajon – A large powersports dealer on the West Coast that carries many Pitster Pro quads including the FSE 60. They are known for competitive pricing and good customer service.

When Will It Be Available?

The PITSTER PRO FSE 60 is currently available and in stock at many dealers. However, due to periodic shortages in production, some dealers may experience temporary out-of-stock situations. The best way to ensure you can get one when you’re ready to buy is to check current inventory on dealer websites or give your local dealer a call to check on availability and pre-order if needed. Waiting lists are typically short, around 2 to 4 weeks at most.

With its rugged build, affordable price, and reputable brand name, the PITSTER PRO FSE 60 is poised to remain a popular, in-demand sport quad for years to come. So if you have your heart set on one, it’s best not to delay too long! This beast of an ATV is waiting for its next adventure.

How the PITSTER PRO FSE 60 Compares to Other Dirt Bikes

Power and Performance

Compared to other 144cc two-strokes, the FSE 60 offers smooth and sweet power delivery, perfect for new riders. Its single-cylinder, two-stroke engine pumps out 16 horsepower, giving you enough oomph to tackle hills and clear obstacles. The FSE 60 hits a top speed of 50 mph, so you can ride with more experienced dirt bikers without getting left in the dust.

Handling and Braking

The FSE 60 handles like a dream through corners and over rough terrain thanks to its lightweight frame and front and rear hydraulic disk brakes. These provide strong stopping power when you need to slow down in a hurry. The FSE 60’s 21-inch front and 18-inch rear wheels give you stability over rocks and roots.

Comfort and Convenience

Unlike some dirt bikes with cable brakes, the FSE 60 has a push-button electric start, so you don’t have to kick it to life. It has an adjustable throttle for riders of different sizes, and the seat is padded for extra comfort on long rides. The 2.1-gallon fuel tank provides a good range so you can keep riding without having to stop and refuel.

Who Should Buy It?

The Pitster Pro FSE 60 is considered one of the best beginner pit bikes for learning off-road riding. It’s lightweight, easy to handle, and packs enough power to keep up with more experienced riders. The FSE 60 is also a great pit bike for recreational riding and commuting on dirt roads. If you want an affordable, high-quality dirt bike to get started with motorsports, the Pitster Pro FSE 60 is tough to beat.

Specifications Details
Engine 144cc, 2-stroke, air-cooled, single cylinder
Transmission 4-speed manual
Brakes Hydraulic disk (front and rear)
Tires 21″ front, 18″ rear
Fuel Capacity 2.1 gallons
Dry Weight 165 lbs
Seat Height 31 inches (adjustable)

Pros and Cons of the PITSTER PRO FSE 60

Power and Performance

The 60 hp engine provides plenty of power to conquer challenging terrain, and the top speed of 60 mph means you can get where you’re going quickly. However, some riders may find the power intimidating, especially when first learning. The electric start makes it easy to get going, but the kickstart provides a backup in case the battery dies.

Handling and Suspension

The PITSTER PRO FSE 60 handles well for an off-road vehicle, with adjustable suspension to suit different riders and conditions. The suspension soaks up bumps to provide a smooth ride over rough terrain. Some riders, however, may find the handling a bit wide and loose, making tight turns more difficult. With practice, the handling becomes more intuitive.

Comfort and Ergonomics

The seat is well-padded for long rides, and the neutral riding position reduces strain. The pegs are a bit high though, which can be uncomfortable for shorter riders during extended periods. The basic instrumentation provides the necessary information but lacks some of the advanced features of more expensive models.

Reliability and Maintenance

The air-cooled engine requires more frequent maintenance like adjusting valve clearances, but is simple to work on for do-it-yourselfers. While the PITSTER PRO FSE 60 is very durable, off-road riding does increase the chance of impacts that can damage plastics or require other repairs. Routine maintenance and pre-ride inspections help avoid issues, but repairs can be pricey.

Overall, the PITSTER PRO FSE 60 offers exceptional value for serious off-road enthusiasts on a budget. While not perfect, the pros generally outweigh the cons for most riders looking to conquer challenging terrain without breaking the bank. For beginners, the power may feel intimidating at first, but with practice its handling prowess shines through. You Can know more about here.

Riding and Maintaining the PITSTER PRO FSE 60

Once you’ve purchased your PITSTER PRO FSE 60, it’s time to start riding! This beast of an off-road vehicle was built for adventure, so get out there and conquer some trails. With its automatic transmission, push-button start, and disk brakes, the FSE 60 is extremely easy to operate, even for beginners. Start on easier trails to build up your confidence before progressing to more difficult terrain.

To keep your FSE 60 running strong, perform regular maintenance after every 10-15 hours of riding. Check and refill the engine oil, coolant, and brake fluid. Inspect the air filter and spark plug, replacing them as needed. Lubricate the throttle and brake cables, and check tire pressure. Tighten any loose bolts or nuts.

Every 50-100 hours, do a more intensive tune-up. Replace the oil and oil filter, fuel filter, air filter, and spark plug. Bleed the brakes and refill brake fluid. Grease all fittings and pivots. Check and adjust the valve clearance. Replace the drive belt if it shows signs of damage or excessive wear.

For servicing the FSE 60, OEM parts, fluids, filters, and tools are readily available from PITSTER PRO dealers and retailers. Following the recommended maintenance schedule will keep your off-roader running strong for years of adventure.

To operate the FSE 60:

  1. Ensure the engine kill switch is in the “run” position.
  2. Press the electric start button.
  3. Select a gear using the shift lever.
  4. Twist the throttle to accelerate, release to decelerate.
  5. Pull the brake lever(s) to slow or stop.
  6. Flip the engine kill switch to the “off” position when done riding.

With some practice, you’ll be conquering trails in no time! Always exercise caution and follow the rules of the road for safe riding.


The PITSTER PRO FSE 60 is bound to raise some questions for interested buyers. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about this popular youth ATV.

How fast can the PITSTER PRO FSE 60 go?

With its 60cc four-stroke engine, the PITSTER PRO FSE 60 can reach a top speed of around 60 miles per hour. Of course, for safety and control, Pitster Pro recommends beginners stay at lower speeds until they get comfortable handling the vehicle.

What is the seating capacity?

The PITSTER PRO FSE 60 is designed for a single rider. It has a padded seat with safety restraints to keep the operator securely on board.

How much does it weigh?

This lightweight ATV weighs in at just over 200 pounds, making it easy to load, unload, and maneuver.

What is the price range?

You can expect to pay between $1,500 to $2,500 for a new PITSTER PRO FSE 60, depending on optional accessories. This affordable model is ideal for recreational riding or as a starter ATV for youth and smaller riders.

Who should buy the PITSTER PRO FSE 60?

The PITSTER PRO FSE 60 is recommended for:

  • Youth and teen riders ages 6 and up with adult supervision
  • Smaller adults looking for a lightweight, easy-to-handle ATV
  • Beginner riders who want an entry-level vehicle to learn on
  • Recreational riders who don’t need a high-performance machine

This smooth-riding, family-friendly ATV is a great choice for casual exploring and having fun on the trails. If you have any other questions about the PITSTER PRO FSE 60, contact your local dealer for more details.


So there you have it – the PITSTER PRO FSE 60 is the ultimate off-road beast for those looking for extreme performance and adrenaline-pumping adventure. With its robust frame, powerful engine, and specialized off-road tires, this ATV can conquer any terrain. Just be ready to pay the premium price tag. While it may be out of reach for casual riders, the PITSTER PRO FSE 60 delivers an unrivaled experience for hardcore thrill-seekers. Whether tackling steep hills, plowing through mud, or catching big air, this machine will leave you grinning from ear to ear. Just be sure to respect its capabilities and ride within your limits. At the end of the day, the PITSTER PRO FSE 60 lets you push the envelope of off-road excitement. If you have the skills and the budget, it’s time to unleash your inner dirt demon.

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