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Our mission is to keep riders informed and entertained with the latest news, gear reviews, tips and videos about dirt bikes and pit bikes. We were founded by a group of passionate riders who wanted a place to share our love of two wheeled off-road fun.

Since launching in 2019, our goal has been simple: create the best dirt bike and pit bike blog on the web. We strive to provide our readers with high-quality original content that is informative, helpful and enjoyable. Whether you want to learn about the newest dirt bikes hitting the trails, gearing tips to improve your cornering or just a laugh from pit bike racing fails, we’ve got you covered.

Our writers are avid riders with decades of collective experience riding everything from motocross bikes to pit bikes. We share our knowledge and insights in an approachable, conversational tone that resonates with dirt bike and pit bike lovers everywhere.

So whether you’re an experienced veteran rider or just getting started, Pitster.Pro aims to be your go-to source for the latest dirt bike news, reviews and how-to advice to help fuel your passion for two wheels in the dirt. Join the Pitster community today – we can’t wait to help you ride better and smile more.